Messages from the Sea

40 Page Book

Self Published

Text & Illustrations

©Creative Florence Ltd 2020. 

First published in Great Britain 2020

Narrated by a Turtle who takes a journey around the world meeting sea animals in various seas and oceans. The sea life leave messages asking for help and change about the pollution taking over their homes. The story is simple and positive, with us making changes, we can declutter the fishes homes of pollution and we think beyond ourselves and our own behaviour in regard to recycling and plastic waste!

The book also has an alphabet theme which adds to the journey throughout the book. All the illustrations are created in mixed media. Design and layout has a fun conversational style. The words and images provide humour which will reach a varied age group. I am responsible for the whole creation of this first edition.


Huge thank you to Flo for sending me a copy of this book to look at. Perfect timing for the #TheKidsbookedit marine themed event this week. From Annie and Alfie Angel Fish in Antigua to Wolo Whale, all across the globe, the creatures of the seas unite and workout a way to relay their message to humans. The rubbish in the oceans has become a big problem and they need help clean it up. Let me just say the illustrations in this book are absolutely gorgeous! lots and lots of things happening on each page and so much colour

Samantha Solarz. New Zealand

Messages from the Sea is a wonderful book full of beautiful illustrations that capture your heart and imagination. You can tell the book has been written by someone who cares deeply and wants to help make a difference to the world we live in. This book can be enjoyed by all ages and would make a wonderful gift and bedtime story to be enjoyed by the whole family. Highly recommended just buy it

Jennifer Priest - Congleton